Vender Catering Solutions At Event Plan

Catering is a big part of any occasion, it can be difficult to pick the best catering service option for your event. This can be extremely challenging if you have never had experience with catering companies before. There are two main types of catering solutions, the first being a full catering service, and the second being a drop off catering service. We are now going to take a look at both of these catering options which we offer in more detail.

Full Catering Service

A full catering service means responsibility for the full catering experience. Every detail big or small you will have to organise and manage. This includes things like serving equipment, buying, and cooking of the food, staff to serve food, and drink, staff attire, table settings, cleaning up after your guests leave, and providing customer service throughout the whole event.

A full-service caterer is generally more expensive than a drop off service. To get a full-service catering operation going for an event you’ll need to invest significant amounts of time, and money up front. Purchasing all the food, and equipment, recruiting the right staff and then training the staff, choosing decor, and all the other details all cost money. Some events are better suited to a full catering service like the bigger events where there are large numbers of people and people that can have high expectations, and demands. For example weddings, award functions, and launch parties would all be well suited for a full catering service.

Going with a full catering service takes the workload, and responsibility out of the event holders’ hands, so they don’t have to worry about that aspect of the event. This frees up time, and an opportunity to invest their efforts in other areas. This is a big undertaking so it’s important to assess everything, and see can you successfully do this as well as emotionally want to do it.

There are a number of benefits to getting a full catering service:-

  • Customised menus
  • Complete setup of the event space
  • Food is prepared and cooked on-site
  • Helpful staff throughout the event
  • Handle all of the cleanup 

Drop-Off Catering Service

A drop-off catering service is where catering is done off-site and then delivered straight to the event. A drop-off catering operation doesn’t typically require event holders hiring more people to help or buying expensive equipment. Drop-off catering requires little to no work for the event holder. You can order your favourite food, and dishes or a variety for the guests that you intend to serve. Drop-off catering could be a better option for your event than going for a full catering service depending on the event you are having. For example meetings, birthdays or other celebration events. Drop-off catering can be as simple or as elegant as the event planner wants it to be. It can come with different pieces of equipment, cutlery, and smaller things like napkins depending on what the person needs.

A great catering company can provide your home, office, or event with catering ranging from small baskets of food to large containers of cuisine from different cultures worldwide. Food will be delivered hot or cold, and fresh to the place where you will be displaying it for people. Drop-off catering offers the quality of cuisine with the layout of a buffet style selection according to people’s tastes.

There are a number of benefits to getting a drop-off catering service:-

  • No workload of preparing the food
  • Delivered straight to your event
  • Easy set-up and display
  • Saving time and money
  • Great tasting food

Event Plan provides a one-stop service for in-house catering options from 10 to 1000 people with a full or a drop off catering service. Now that you know the difference between a full, and drop-off catering service, why not contact us today to start planning, and catering for your next event.