3 Things To Consider When Picking The Right Event Management Company

Event management companies handle everything from planning an event to post-event evaluation. Choosing the right event management company is one of the toughest and arguably the most important decision you can make when planning and managing an event. If you go with the wrong one, you could run into all sorts of problems, like unforeseen situations and mistakes that make an event a disaster. If you pick a great one, you will ensure an enjoyable, memorable and smooth running event from start to finish.

Not all companies are the same and not all do the same job the same way. Some companies have different strengths than others. Some have more experience, more expertise in an area and more connections. While others pay attention to the client’s needs more effectively. This is very relevant and applicable when it comes to event management.

Hiring an event management company can be such a daunting task, There are lots of things to consider when looking for an event management company to design and manage a particular event. Below are 3 considerations we believe you need to remember when picking the right event management company.

3 Things To Consider When Picking The Right Event Management Company

1. Experience

Experience is a very important factor to consider when choosing to work with an event management company. Companies should have a wealth of experience designing and running numerous events in the past. They should be able to bring all of that experience and everything they have learnt to the table when executing your event. Things like offering great advice, conversing, recommendations about the right venues, and meeting your expectations. We advise you look at the events they worked on and the clientele they partnered with previously. This should give you an illustration of how good they are to work with and the standard to which previous events were handled. It’s all well and good that event companies can organise an event, but if they managed a similar event to what you want their assistance with then they will already have tried and tested an event, saving them time and saving you money.

2. Exactly What You Need

The event is going to be yours, or you are a big part of it. We believe it is important to choose a company who will give you exactly what you need and want. Great event managers will be available, approachable and accessible at all times, in relation to whatever you want. Communication is important when running an event so a company that has a great two-way communication process is key to the event running successfully. Will you have any say in the décor, venue food and drink arrangements, or any other aspects of the events that are important to you? If you want to have input make sure you communicate this clearly. Have a conversation with the representative of the company and ask them everything you want to know about the organisation of your event. Tell them exactly what you want and need from this event. Make sure there is someone available and willing to incorporate your ideas especially if they change throughout the planning and organising process. Will they be open to meet your requests if they change? This will ensure you are happy with how your event goes on the day or night.

3. Recommendations

Recommendations are extremely important when considering who will look after your event. We appreciate that consumers always want reassurance that something is good, so we avoid that pitfall of experiencing something bad. An event management company with a solid reputation and doing great work will be talked about and be recommended. Do try to talk to people you know who have dealt with an event management company before. Alternatively, you can look at testimonials from clients on company websites, or on their social media pages. If they’re not easy to access ask to see some testimonials, comments and feedback from clients relating to different events they worked on. You could even contact them directly to find out more. A great event company will have no problem with you contacting one of their previous clients. There are also online forums which discuss different companies and their experiences with them. This is a great source of vital information that may be hidden from a company’s website or social media page.

Sourcing someone to manage an occasion relieves the host from the stresses of organising, coordinating and running an event themselves. These companies are time and cost-efficient compared to someone hosting the entire event themselves with no experience. Great event managers are the difference between a wonderful event and a disastrous one. We strongly advise you consider the above points and keep them in mind when planning your next event.

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