5 Steps to Choosing a Great Theme for Your Next Event

Everything is set to go ahead but now it’s time to get planning and it’s time to choose a theme. Though it may not feel like it at the start, having a theme nailed down can make the planning process easier throughout. Your theme will set the tone for the entire event. It will help drive all of your planning decisions. The right theme brings with it the opportunity to attract relevant attendees alongside boosting your businesses brand. The wrong theme can inadvertently but your company reputation on the line.

Your theme will also bring with it the opportunity to create great pre-event buzz. This is great for social media and creating additional brand awareness. But, before jumping into confirming your theme there are some important factors to take into consideration.

  • Your Goals

Having goals in place is a great place to get started. Answering the question of why you are having the event and getting this information down on paper will help you bring together your ideas, thoughts and how a theme can fit into the goals of the event.

In addition, it’s helpful to consider why your guests would want to attend this event. This will make it much easier to weed out irrelevant theme ideas and in turn help you choose the right theme.

  • Audience and Demographic

Who is your target audience and what are they expecting of an event from you? Knowing who will attend your event will be a hugely important aspect when determining what theme works best. Although it seems obvious to look at this, it is worthwhile to put together a guest list. Themes that may work well for your current clients might not work for prospective clients so it is important to get the balance right.

Do this by asking yourself some questions. Who is attending? Why? Their age demographics? Is it for families or adults? Will people have far to travel?

  • Venue

Venue will play a significant role in your theme. Is the space outdoors or indoors, and you’ll need to know if there are any restrictions on the venue ahead of nailing down your theme. The venue might have infrastructure that could compliment certain themes also. It will be important to take into consideration these aspects of the venue.

Activities, decorations etc., will all form part of your venue alongside catering. Most events call for the usual hotel ballroom, but that shouldn’t be your limitation should your event call for something different or unique. When you align your venue and theme you are guaranteed to host a fantastic event.

  • Budget

Your theme ideas might be restricted by budget. With so much DIY and ideas out there there is also the risk of running an event that looks cheap. Striking the balance is key. If you’re working with a bigger budget of course this is an easier task but there is still some great ways to pull off a fantastic event on a budget.

  • Season

Themes don’t have to match the season, but it is hugely important to think about the weather around the time of your event. Knowing this can eliminate or bring forward different theme ideas. It can also help with venue ideas around indoor and outdoor options.

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