Code Breaker

Teams must work together to crack codes and unlock the safe against the clock in this frantic team building exercise.

Teams are given a selection of locked boxes and props. They must communicate, manage, problem solve and collaborate to crack the codes in time. They must come up with the best approach to tackle the puzzles and begin solving. Each solution will lead to another puzzle until all are solved and the winning team can unlock the safe, creating a franticly energetic atmosphere with an epic finale. This is all about effective working relationships and problem-solving, individuals must become teams if they want to be victorious.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Problem Solving
  • High Energy
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Team Work

Numbers: 20-100

Location: Any suitable location

Approach: Competitive

Hours Duration: 1 Hour


“It was brilliant and so engaging. I received great feedback from a large number of employees who really enjoyed themselves. It was so well organised and your staff were friendly and helpful. I am currently been asked when is the next one!!”

Gwen Coogan, Marsh Insurance Brokers

“I’d like to thank you and your team most sincerely for the two events you ran for us, the teams completely enjoyed them and we played the scavenger hunt video at the end which wrapped our Summit up nicely”

Karen Gillan, Dell Ireland

“The whole day was great and our dealers thoroughly enjoyed the code breaker. Mark looked after them professionally and we were all impressed how well it fitted in with our conference day. Thank you for organizing the whole thing and we will definitely look to use you for something in the future”

Ben Haseley, Red Diamond Distribution