Spy Squad

Work as a unit.

Your group is split into teams of undercover operatives tasked with cracking codes and solving problems. Working together as a unit, each team is provided with an iPad and will take to the streets of the city to complete a range of covert operations in order to reach the ultimate objective.

This thrillingly competitive event will test your ability to work together in solving problems, communicating, strategising and being creative. Teams will navigate the city in search of GPS hotspots, deciphering the best strategy for working against the clock in order to reach the objective. Teams will be competing against each other and will be able to track each others movements along the way.

The event can begin anywhere, such as your offices, and continue on into the city, finishing in a suitable venue were guests can be refreshed and all the content created can be replayed.


“They were amazing and surpassed my expectations on the day. We would use them again, they were efficient, highly organised, fun and very professional.”

Bernie Whelan, Travel Counsellors

“Everyone had a great time playing the game. We were very happy with the organisation and how it went on the day.”

Keith Noonan, PwC