Escape The Room game

A table top iPad based game which uses image recognition and augmented reality.

Despite its popularity, corporate brands have questioned how these technologies can help them to meet their objectives. While there’s no doubt virtual reality games can be fun, we think there’s also scope to add value to events and boost engagement.

The Escape Challenge is a problem-solving team building activity for groups of any size. Based on the popular escape room challenges, it involves an hour-long collection of virtual tasks, where teams have the chance to solve puzzles, tackle questions and answer riddles. Starting in a ‘locked office’, teams are required to work their way through a series of tasks, which are displayed on interactive games screens, earning points as they go, on a mission to ‘escape’ within the 60 minute time limit. As well as being enjoyable, the challenge encourages team building and group engagement.

Key Business Benefits

  • Problem Solving
  • Tech-Based
  • Teamwork

Numbers: 8-300

Location: Indoors, any suitable location

Approach: Competitive

Hours Duration: 1 Hour


“It was a great success.”

Linda Mullen, Sogeti

“The team really enjoyed Friday night and thought the Escape room game was the highlight.”

Phil Donnelly, The Orchard