Virtual & Hybrid Events

Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, Virtual events have become popular in Ireland and globally for many organisations due to Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings and social distancing. We can also provide some ideas and options that could assist with your next event should you wish to host virtual or hybrid event.

Virtual Event: What Are They?

A virtual event is simply an event which takes place online, over the web, rather than meeting in person at a physical location or venue. Virtual events often feature multiple online sessions such as webinars, networking and training. They are becoming a very useful tool to enable trade shows, conferences, meetings and training sessions to go ahead, whilst allowing people to attend the event online instead.

Hybrid Events: How They Different?

Hybrid events are events that combine a ‘live’ in-person event (e.g. standard meeting, trade show, conference/seminar) at a specific location, but also include elements of a virtual event. In simple terms they allow for face-to-face, in-person attendance at a particular venue but additionally they are setup to encourage attendees to gather, experience and interact with the event online.

Marketing Virtual Events

Online events aren’t going away anytime soon, if you are one of the many companies switching your in-person events to a virtual, how do you promote them to keep attendance up, in a sea of virtual events, how do you stand out?

Here are tips
The Event

With the popularity and necessity of online events they are here to stay. Not all virtual events look the same and audiences like more details on what they will get. Will the audience be able to ask live questions ? Are their camera going to be on ?
Emails or messages should be sent to remind registrants they signed up for the event and refresh guests memory about the event to increase the likelihood of them showing up to it.


Co-branding, or multiple speakers, is a common and effective for virtual events, partnering with a number of brands or sponsors to create the event and providing multiple speakers. If you have speakers from other organizations, make sure to ask them to promote the event or their session on social media channels. The more people post about an event, the greater the word of mouth marketing will be.
Ask employees, colleagues, and speakers to share a link to the event signup page, it helps to go a few steps further and send them assets such as images, videos, tracking URLs, and coverage of the event to encourage a variety of different promotions and enable them to share it quickly.
If you are able to create a buzz around the event or incentivize employees to promote the event, it is a win-win for everyone.

Track your promotional tactics.

Whenever you need to use time or resources to promote an event, you’ll want to track the results of your marketing tactics. If one time-consuming promotional tactic falls flat, while another simple strategy yields signups, you can embrace the stronger strategy to promote upcoming events.

Creating a Marketable Virtual Event

Promoting an online event is similar to marketing a physical event. However, there are a number of key differences. While you might be able to promote an online event to a broader audience than a physical event, you’ll need to remember that the online event landscape is competitive, Even if your event is helpful and informative, there might still be a dozen similar events that offer similar content.
The goal of promoting a physical event is to get audiences to sign up for the event, many online events are free, getting someone to sign up and watch the event without being locked in to a ticket purchase might take more time and effort.
Ultimately, the goal of promoting an online event is to highlight and remind audiences of the who’s, what’s, how’s, and whys behind it. Noting these factors in your marketing will not only show audiences how and why it will value them, but it will also separate your event from those that might be similar.
Even in the event’s planning stage, thinking about how you will promote it could help you create a marketable virtual experience worth attending. If you choose well-known MC to host an event, that will boost your promotional results and the success of your event Or, if you take on a co-branded event, the content will be marketed to two.

Just on our website, We are in the process of setting up a multi virtual Studios Cork (it is under wraps at the moment until we sort out all the Logistics) but it
is important for Virtual Events to be very prominent on our website.

We are going to give the studios a different name as we hope other event planners will also use the space for their clients. So I am not sure if we should go for the web domain the name. The Name we are looking at but not confirmed is Industrial Studios Cork (as it is in a warehouse).