Corporate Event Management

Employees want to work in a workplace that is positive and rewarding. No person wants to be miserable and hate going to work. Clients like to work with businesses that have happy, driven and engaged employees. If they see the workers of a company disengaged and disinterested, they are not likely to use a company’s services. It is important that the employees and culture of a company reflect well on the company. Every move a company makes to strengthen the culture within the organisation is an investment. A company is only as good as the employees working and the culture within it. A great way to build great relationships with employees, clients and the company’s hierarchy is to hold corporate events.

Corporate events are events that are sponsored by a company for its employees, clients or business partners. They can be used to spark creativity, innovation and productivity within a company. These events can be as big or as small as a firm wishes. The corporate event should have a purpose that has a desired objective or leads to something positive for the business. There are a number of reasons why companies hold corporate events:-

  • Celebrate Company SuccessesCorporate Event Management
  • Acknowledge Company Milestones
  • Reward Top Clients
  • Validate Employees
  • Build A Better Company Culture
  • Showcase Products & Services
  • Build Relationships With Target Audiences/Clients

Conference management companies are brought in as organisers and coordinators to bring value from a company to its stakeholders. Taking the stress away from the stakeholders is very important, so they can relax and enjoy the whole event without lifting a finger. Understanding what key stakeholders hope to achieve then implementing and marketing those to a high standard to inspire and provide value to the attendees is what determines the success of a corporate event. Event planners will design creative, innovative and inspiring events that bring great ideas to the fore. Any type of event a company could want we do like awards nights, conferences, ceremonies, dinners, receptions, festivals, product launches and many more. When we work with companies, here are some areas we take care of for your business event:

  • Overall Management Of The Event
  • Sourcing A Venue & Location
  • Catering
  • Menu Management
  • Concept Design Of The Event
  • Venue Décor & Event Theme
  • Entertainment / Speakers
  • Audio-visual Requirements / Stage Design / Set Up
  • On-site Management & Staffing
  • Budget Management

Delivering exceptional corporate events can be daunting. Planning and running a corporate event is no easy task. It requires huge amounts of time, detailed planning, creative designing and an impeccable management system to pull off a great event. There is so much to consider with corporate events from choosing a location to providing catering to all the transportation involved and much more. We like to take that responsibility away from the company stakeholders.

Then it is all about delivering an event with great content that is interesting, creative branding that reflects the company message and using cutting-edge technology to meet the objective and goals of the corporate event. Details are so important and it’s what we obsess over. Here at Event Plan, we are perfectionists and our wide range of experience in running big and small corporate events makes us the best in the business. Our professional and experienced team of expert event organisers ensure a service that is unmatched. Our creativity, customer-centric approach and attention to detail is what sets us apart in Cork and throughout Ireland.

We are all about creating a memorable experience for everyone that is involved with an event. We take pride in our work and are deeply passionate about corporate event planning and management. If you would like to learn more about our event management services then visit us online or call us today on 021-439-9723.