Reach for the sky

Launch your own purpose-built rocket up to 200 feet in the air and land it right on Target.

As well as designing and building their own bottle rocket, teams must communicate, problem solve and collaborate in a series of games to earn enough fuel for launch. The event culminates in an epic launch sequence, after which the winning team will be crowned. This thrilling team event is an engaging way to identify and build effective working relationships, boost morale and have some craic.

Key Business Benefits

  • Problem Solving
  • High Energy
  • Interactive
  • Teamwork

Numbers: 10-200

Location: Outdoor – pitches, park, etc

Approach: Competitive/Fun

Hours Duration: 2-3 Hours


“I can only imagine the time and effort that goes into the set up and dismantle of the various areas the guys had to set up for the couple of hours of the event, their time was greatly appreciated. Everyone in Synapse, without question had a ball and thoroughly enjoyed the event from start to finish. Thankfully the cold weather and the bit of rain we got didn’t dampen any of our spirits.”

Brendan McConnell, Synapse

“We had a fantastic day. Dave was extremely professional and took all of the stress off me and the day ran flawlessly and everyone really enjoyed it. All of Dave’s team were also top notch and I really couldn’t fault a thing. 10/10.”

Dylan Gannon, Matheson